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DNA & Paternity Testing

At our clinic we can conduct paternity testing for legal purposes and “peace of mind” testing to determine a child’s biological father. In addition to these testing procedures we can also prove other relationships such as:

  • Identical twins
  • Mother/brothers/sisters/grandparents
  • Family relationships in immigration matters

DNA Testing

We offer DNA testing services to assist individuals who need to provide evidence of biological relationships for immigration purposes to satisfy the requirements of the UK Border Agency. Immigration testing may be any of the following:

  • Paternity testing/ immigration paternity test
  • Maternity testing
  • Sibling testing
  • Testing between relatives such as grandparentage testing and aunt/uncle DNA tests.

Turnaround Times

Our turnaround time which includes time to complete our testing and submit a report is approximately five working days from receipt of all samples at the laboratory, providing it is a standard paternity case (mother, child, alleged father). In more complex relationship testing, our testing will take longer.

Peace of Mind Testing/ Paternity Testing

The laboratory testing processes for legal “Paternity” tests and Peace of Mind DNA tests are exactly the same. The difference in process outside of the laboratory is simply administrative, and although the laboratory testing procedures for “Peace of Mind” & “Paternity” testing are the same, only a “Paternity” test is legally binding for court purposes.

If you do not require a test for court purposes and are simply looking to resolve a doubt or curiosity regarding a child’s biological father then a “Peace of Mind” test is the most appropriate and economical approach. The “Peace of Mind” test is intended to be a discreet and private way of allowing families to resolve any questions without involving other parties.

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