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Absence Management

Our approach to absence management is pragmatic and customer focussed, we believe that continuous communication with both HR and the employee is vital.

In a busy HR environment it is imperative that absence cases are managed assertively whilst giving strong consideration to business needs.

We ensure that our customers receive substantial and relative occupational health reports that will enable them to progress cases forward, taking into account criteria such as;

  • Extent of illness
  • Likely period of absence
  • What the employee can do?
  • What the employer can do

Our Occupational Health staff are well versed in providing useful occupational health reports that will give HR staff enough information to take action.

Return to Work

After effectively managing absence cases we consider that in some cases it is worthwhile to safely reintroduce the employee back into the workplace in order to benefit the business, and return to full productivity.

Employee Counselling

We provide an effective & confidential employee counselling service. Our in-house counselling service has been of great benefit to many of our corporate customers. For more information on our employee counselling services, please visit

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