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Pre-placement Screening


Equality Act 2010, In the past a “pre-employment health questionnaire” could be completed by the employee. Followed with good HR practice to ensure that none of the disclosures made would eliminate the employee.

Health Screening can still be carried out after a job offer has been made, unfortunately a generic questionnaire can not be issued.

What we can offer

  • Pre-placement screening, primarily in questionnaire format with the sole purpose to asses the fitness of an individual to undertake the role
  • Consultations, where appropriate and as part of the “Pre-placement screening” we will conduct a face to face consultation with either an experienced Occupational Health Nurse or Occupational Health Physician.
  • Reporting, we will unequivocally state whether the employee is fit to perform in the role.

    We will also:

    • Advise on adjustments to the job role or working environment
    • Recommend further risk assessments that could be considered
Inverclyde Physiotherapy