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We Are Registered With All Major Insurers

How important is your physical health?

Have you considered the long term impact of back & neck pain?

Are you suffering from joint and muscular injuries?

Whether you are a regular visitor to the gym, or if you never participate in sport at all. At some point you may encounter slight or severe physical pain which can either be caused by too much physical exercise, or you may have been involve in an accident.

Our qualified, experienced and registered physiotherapists, who are based at our physiotherapy clinic in Greenock, Inverclyde, provide a dedicated and personalised one-to-one service. We believe that good quality and personalised care should not cost the earth! If you have private healthcare insurance we can treat you under your insurance cover, we registered with all major insurers.

When you have encountered an injury, it can be a difficult time; sometimes certain movements that you used to take for granted have now become painful. Long term pain and discomfort can impact on your quality of life.

At Inverclyde Physiotherapy we will work with you throughout your treatment, and return you back to a comfortable physical state so you can win back the feeling of being yourself.

Our physiotherapy clinic is within reasonable journey time from; Largs, Wemyss Bay, Gourock & Port Glasgow with adequate car parking outside our premises. Inverclyde Physiotherapy is convenient for physiotherapy if you are travelling from Renfrewshire, Glasgow or North Ayrshire.

What do we mean by personal care?...

We understand that a sore back or a running injury will affect each individual differently. We recognise that these injuries are more than just physical, muscular or joint related.

We are interested in how these pains & injuries are affecting your daily life, and what they are preventing you from doing. In order for you to feel like you are over your condition, you must feel like you have regained something that you lost whilst injured, we will work with you to get you where you want to be, this is what we mean by personal care.

Inverclyde Physiotherapy