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Sports Massage / Pilates

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From time to time all that is required in order to keep you away from the couch, and back at the gym or playing your favourite sport, are the right techniques used accordingly when necessary.

Why not....schedule a visit to our clinic prior to or after your visit to the gym, or after you have been for your run? As important as regular stretching and cooling down can be, a deep thorough sports massage can ensure that your muscles are given the love they deserve. Minor injuries can be addressed at an early stage, preventing them from becoming long-term debilitating concerns


Pilates is also on offer at Inverclyde Physiotherapy. You can now benefit from the classical form of exercise which is becoming popular with well-known celebrities.

Pilates is a very effective treatment for strengthening and toning your core muscles, as well as resulting in improved posture, balance & coordination.

Pilates sessions are available now, please call for more information.

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